Traumatic Response Prayer Team Alliance

When the Red Cross leaves, when the state’s emergency mental health responders leave, it is the church who stays.  Soulsafe believes in harnessing the untapped resource of the church to respond when large scale disasters occur.

This means there is a local team, locally trained, who speak the same language and have relationship with each other on an ongoing basis….trust is established and maintained.  The folks on the team love the town and its inhabitants.  They aren’t leaving to go home…they are already home.  This training and ministry approach is unique to Soulsafe.

Soulsafe has an end goal to form TRPT Alliances in locations across the United States.   An Alliance is formed when TRPT’s from different Christian churches and denominations within a 10-mile geographical location train together to form a larger team.  Their consistent training allows them to have the same language, the same goals, and the ability to respond as a unit to an event that is extremely widespread such as the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing or the 2016 floods in Baton Rouge.

There is a yearly church membership fee to Soulsafe for development and ongoing training for each church involved in a TRPTA.  Involvement in a TRPTA eliminates the membership fee for an individual TRPT.

Soul Care for those who minister to others

The scripture commands us to Sabbath.  There are consequences when we don’t. In the church and in our ministries we may get so caught up in doing the business of the Kingdom of God that we neglect to Sabbath and neglect our own soul care.   When people are called upon to listen to the extreme pain of another’s story, they are affected by what they hear and by the images their brain will put to the stories that are told. Soulsafe offers Individual Stress Management Coaching, Spiritual Direction and the facilitation of soul care retreats.  We believe that if we do not practice a rhythm of personal care, our ability to minister effectively to others will diminish and we are in danger of burnout.

Suicide Prevention and Aftercare

Additionally, Natalie and Bryan Larson are also certified trainers with NAMI NH in Suicide Prevention and Postvention and can bring a 4 hour training to your church.  The only cost with this training is trainer expenses such as mileage, lodging and meals – otherwise its free.  These trainings can help your church community understand national best practice in prevention and offering support to loss survivors.