Traumatic Response Prayer Team Alliance

When the Red Cross leaves, when the state’s emergency mental health responders leave, it is the church who stays.  Soulsafe believes in harnessing the untapped resource of the church to respond when large scale disasters occur.

Soulsafe is seeking to form TRPT Alliances in locations across the United States.   An Alliance is formed when TRPT’s from different Christian churches and denominations within a certain geographical location come together to form a larger team.  Regularly training together allows the Alliance to have the same language, goals, and ability to respond as a unit to an event that is extremely widespread such as the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing or the 2016 floods in Baton Rouge.

Soulsafe has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Southern NH Public Health Advisory Committee and will be activated to respond with our Traumatic Response Prayer Teams if a large-scale terrorism event or natural disaster affects this 10-town region.  Soulsafe will reach out to form MOU’s with local Public Health networks wherever additional TRPT Alliances are formed.

There is a yearly church membership fee to Soulsafe for development and ongoing training for each church involved in a TRPTA.